Family Owned And Operated By The Turner Family Since 1938

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Glen  Oden  Young
Born: 11/21/1935
Died: 9/26/2015
Joe  Edward  Green
Born: 8/20/1945
Died: 9/22/2015
Robert  Daniel  Carter
Born: 6/28/1974
Died: 9/20/2015
Gloria  June  Hopkins
Born: 8/6/2015
Died: 9/18/2015
Katherine  Suzanne  Sargent
Born: 12/6/1943
Died: 9/17/2015

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Lakewood Funeral Home
98 North Dixie Drive
Lake Jackson, TX 77566
(979) 297-6464
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Welcome to Freeport-Lakewood Funeral Home

Thank you for visiting the Freeport-Lakewood Funeral Homes website. (The Turner Family) have been serving the local community since 1938.

We are able to accommodate large gatherings, as well as providing a comfortable experience for those requiring a smaller setting. Ample parking and a covered drop-off for those times of inclement weather are also available for your convenience.

We are proud to be Family owned and Operated. Our staff is always available to answer your questions. Our office hours are from 9:00 AM until 4:00 PM Monday thru Friday.

The Turner Family has opened the Riverside Cremations Crematory. This is the only crematory located in the Brazosport Community. Our crematory office is located at the Lakewood Funeral Chapel and the crematory facility is located at the Freeport Funeral Home.

When you would like to make your arrangements please let us know which location you prefer so that we may better serve you. We are available for weekend consultations at either location upon request. The very best care is what we give every day.